Recreating an effect shown in a recent sample

I'm new to Storyline 2 and am trying to recreate the effect shown in this sample:

The learner clicks on an image on the home slide, completes a quiz slide, then returns back to the home slide with that person's face marked as complete.  I've got all of my quiz slides and home slide created, but I cannot figure out if it's an interaction of layers or what... can someone help?

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blair parkin

Hi Meghan


Looking at the example it is probably layers, and when you click on the buttons it is changing the state of the image/face on the bottom layer.

You don't have to build it as layers though, you could also use variables to track what was clicked on and change the state when they come back to the main screen.

As Wendy said if you want to share your file we can take a look


Meghan Koyama

Here's the simplified file.  Most of the shapes are acting as placeholders until the true graphic can be added.  I want learners to successfully complete the freeform quiz interactions, cycle back to the home slide, then have the graphic representing the completed scence receive a check mark representing completion.

I've tried (in my novice efforts) using variables and triggers to work on the "continue" button of the last quiz interaction in the scene "Tracy" and the placeholder representing the Tracy scene on the home slide.  I'm sure I'm missing some middle step.  **Please note that I've only set up this variable/trigger on the Tracy and James scenese thus far.

blair parkin

Hi Meghan

I took a quick look on worked on Tracy for you. Here is the file. I changed a couple of things. This isn't the only way to do it but it works.

Home slide - changed the state change trigger for Tracy

Continue button  - set variable to change to TRUE when clicked.

Also changed the order that the triggers fired, it was moving from the slide before changing the variable. Triggers fire from top to bottom, something important to remember. :)

If you have any questions let me know