Recruitment- Assessing if someone can use Storyline

Hi all,

I've been asked to build a Storyline 'test' for candidates being interviewed for Learning Consultant roles.  Has anyone got something they can share with me or ideas on which elements we should test?  

I was thinking of having them open an existing source file and make a number of amendments to it, to show they know their way around Storyline.  

Any thoughts or suggestions would be very welcome and appreciated.



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wayne e

Hi, I am very new to Articulate but one thing that is apparent.  Anyone that has been working with Articulate Storyline for a long time should really have a portfolio of their work.  From this you should be able to assess how competent they are.  Also reviewing some of their .story files will tell you allot.

Interested to know what others think :)

Jeremy Negrey

I ran into this same issue at my previous employer.  We created a same training scenario and sent it to candidates about 1-2 weeks before their scheduled interview. It asked candidates to prepare a 30 minute presentation complete with a Storyline demo that would address the scenario.

Because Storyline offers a 30-day free trial, this was something that anyone could do.  It gave us good insight not only into how much they knew or how quickly they could pick up Storyline, but also how they made some design decisions and how they accepted feedback.

Good luck!

Jennifer Sader

I think triggers, variables, controls, timelines and states are key items. I don't think they necessarily need to have used Storyline before if they have used similar products. I picked up the basics of Storyline quickly with only the online videos and the help forums. Flash has a timeline that is similar to Storyline's. Variables should be familiar to anyone with even a little programming experience, and so should triggers.

I like Jeremy's idea, and I'd also take Wayne's suggestion of looking at previous eLearning projects they have created -- some might not be in Storyline but would still show their ability to problem-solve and create quality content.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steph,

In addition to the suggestions shared here, you could include something similar to what we do for our own Support interview process - asking candidates to assist and answer in the E-Learning Heroes forums. That's just one other way to see how they'd be able to resolve particular issues and ideas and what understanding they have in regards to functionality or finding the answers on their own. 

Stephanie Moring

Thanks for your reply Jeremy.  I like the idea of sending it in advance and having them prepare a 30 minute presentation.  It's a good point that although someone may not be familiar with Storyline, they would demonstrate eagerness and ability to learn quickly if they gave a great presentation on the day.  

Wendy Farmer

Hi Steph

we've done the following :

Present candidates with an existing project that we have removed /unassigned triggers, wrong variables referenced and ask them to find and fix the module so it works - we also ask them to add specific slide types into the content and have to rejig navigation. We include changes to master slides and layouts.

They don't know this format until they get to the interview (well they do now - lol) and you can gauge the OMG moment for the ones who aren't up to scratch.

Good luck - post back what you do and how it goes.