Rectangle Shapes Appear between Bullet and Text

Nov 08, 2018

This issue occurs in IE (please refer to the attached image). 

We have faced this issue a lot of time when we copy paste content from PPT during development in SL2 and publish the file in SL360. The cause is not clear, as we do not encounter this issue in all instances, but only in few slides. 

Normally, to solve this, we copy the text from PPT and remove the formatting by pasting the text in Notepad before we paste it in SL. However, in few slides we are not able to remove this shape with our usual method. 

Has anyone ever faced this issue? and know any other method to solve this??


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Sijo Antony

Thank you for your responses!

Alyssa, our company does not allow sharing the client's files so I cannot do that. However, since the delivery was yesterday, we had to fix it somehow.

This is another trick. Sounds bit odd but it worked. We pasted the text from the notepad and deleted the first letter of the sentence and then added bullet. Next, for the list, instead of adding bullets as whole, we added it one by one, by pressing Enter. This helped.

This issue could be from some formatting issue in the PPT file we received from the client. 

It takes a bit of extra effort and we do not realize it until the file reaches QC. So it would be great if you can fix this. Sorry for not being able to share the files.

Daniel Servan, this method was the standard process we followed and it worked until we started publishing in SL 360.

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