Recurring issues with saving progress

Greetings, e-learning-folks. I've read several posts here about save/resume issues, but they don't seem to describe our exact problem. As far as I'm aware, we are setting what we can within our authoring tools and the LMS, yet intermittently quite a few Learners still experience issues with progress not being correctly recorded.

Our LMS vendor is Callidus Cloud/Litmos, and their Support has offered various reasons, none of which have fully satisfied me nor resolved things thus far. They've said users aren't clicking the Litmos "Exit" button -- hard to prove/disprove or control/change, although I'm "hitting Learners over the head" with this instruction as many ways as possible.

They've said our designer isn't setting save/resume properly in the authoring tool, but it sure seems like he is. The tool is Captivate with VILT components in GoToTraining, but we're moving to Articulate now, and I've seen other posts where folks help regardless of platform.

Now we're getting this: "We believe that the origin of this is in the way the SCORM was authored, specifically to include a navigation bar. If you do not enable that during the SCORM authoring process, you will avoid any issues. If you prefer to keep the navigation bar, you may do so, and avoid issues simply by checking the below box in the Settings section of the module within the course builder."

My gut feeling is that this is likely another red herring that won't fix the problem, although we can certainly try to ensure the box to which their JPEG referred (last attached image, supposed to force a new window if checkmarked). I have to wonder why this should make any difference in saving progress, and also wonder what other SCORM authoring option they think we are/are not using -- screen shots from the designer attached.

Anyone who has general input on random "lost progress," or input specific to Litmos, Captivate or these screenshots, your responses would be welcomed and appreciated. Thank you very much.

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VIAVI Sales Enablement

Sure, I understand that it's not an Articulate Support (hence posting in forums/communities) sort of thing, but I've seen folks step in and help on various issues within the e-learning/LMS realm. Mostly I wonder if others have at least encountered one or moreĀ of these issues in Litmos, even if they don't know of an exact fix. Also, since we're moving to Articulate and eventually to a more permanent LMS which may/may not be Litmos, I'd like to "nailĀ this down" better" if possible, so these issues don't exist in the new environment(s).