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Oct 16, 2020

Hi to all,

I was trying to redesign an interaction template found in Adobe's eLearning site.

The first issue is that the wearing glasses are accepted to be dropped not only into glass bin but also into metal bin, which is not the correct choice (I have set the drag & drop settings).

I would like to show the Good Job layer using variables but something goes wrong.

I think I have messed it up with variables and triggers.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Have a nice day.


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Garth Yorko

I think this will work for you.

Since the sorting interaction makes you get the answer correct, I changed the Feedback from "By Question" to "None".  That action removed the Incorrect layer.

I added three triggers to "wearing glasses"  They are the same as the ones you already have for this object, except that the object "metal" replaces the object "glass".  This allows the learner to select either the glass or metal container.

I changed your trigger to Show the layer "Good Job".  I have it happening when the learner clicks the Submit button.

I disabled the trigger to "Submit Drag and Drop 1"  This bypasses the normal question logic.

I added a Next button to the player, then hid it when the timeline starts for the slide if the (new) variable Segregate_Interaction_Complete is = False.  This new trigger and variable starts to fix a navigation problem

I then added a trigger to hide the Submit button when the learner clicks the Submit button.  This cntinues the fix of a navigation problem.

Lastly, on the Good Job layer, I added a trigger to adjust the Segregate_Interaction_Complete variable to = True when the timeline of this layer starts.  Also on this layer is a trigger to change the state of the Next button to Normal when the timeline starts.  This is the final fix to the navigation problem.

The file is attached.

Nikos Markatopoulos

Hi Garth,

First of all thank you for your workaround. From the beginning I haven't expained it so well.

My final goal is to show the final feedback layer without the learner clicks the submit button. Is it possible? On account on this I set up 20 different variables for each dragable object to track learner's movements.

Thank you for your time & have a nice day.


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