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Content Developer

Hi Kristen:

1) The shape you copied in the hover state has an hover state on his own. You cannot see it while it is inserted in the hover state of the "CRM connection" button, but if you copy and paste it out you should be able to see it. See attached image; you are seeing the red color because a hover state within a hover state :D

2) This is expected: the small icons are not part of the element that is being hovered, so they keep showing up even if the "main" button is hovered.

Feel free to ask more if something is not clear!


Crystal Horn

Hi Kristen!  For Step 2, Tom cut the phone picture and the oval from the slide by using CTRL+X, and he added those two objects to the Normal state of the rectangle. 

Here's how:

After cutting those objects, they're on your clipboard waiting to be pasted in the same location.  Open your states panel, edit the normal state of the rectangle, and CTRL+V to paste those objects in.  

When you click "Done editing states," you still only have the single rectangle object on the slide timeline, but the image of the phone and oval appear in the rectangle's normal state.  Because they weren't pasted into the Hover state, they disappear on Hover.

Let us know how you're making out!