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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vit,

It sounds like some element of corruption has occurred in the file. Can you not add any text boxes or only on a particular slide? If it's just the one slide you may want to try rebuilding that slide as well. You mentioned that you were working locally, but if the file was originally opened from a network, USB or shared drive that may have contributed to the behavior. 

If you're seeing this occur with all your Storyline files, I'd like to have you conduct the repair steps detailed here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vit,

Are you seeing this on all files or just this one particular file? If it's just this one file, it may have become corrupt and if you've tried importing it into a new file after confirming you're working locally there may not be any options to repair the behavior of this specific file. 

If you're seeing this across all your files, do you have a sample file you could share with us? 

Neil Hellewell

Hi Ashley - I am having the same problem. I am using SL2, the file is on my hard drive, the path to the file/directory is short C:\Storyline.

I have a text box inserted into a scrolling box - it does have numbering in it though, which after reading the information above I will check just in case. (removed numbering and still same issue).

I have deleted the program completely and then re-installed it from the articulate site so it should be the most up to date version. The display is set at 96 dpi. I have also imported the project into a new project file as well.

It seems to mainly occur with larger text boxes - and the scrolling box - although it didn't occur as I was building the course, but started yesterday - and since then won't stop.

Any thoughts?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Neil,

Thanks for checking into all those elements as a start. i'm curious if you could share one of these sample files here with me and walk me through the steps you go through in terms of adding a text box and then a scrolling panel so that I can look to see if it's something I can easily replicate.