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Aug 17, 2012

I created a master slide that I am using throughout the presentation.  My slide colors are blue, grey, white and black.   It all looks fine until I preview or publish.  When I do, the slide displays a bunch of red script, in lines across the screen.  The words are tiny and much overlaps but I can make out the words, "Harware ID of this web-server: 64EOC601"  or something close to that.  I think it is these words repeated again and again.

When using a different computer I got a lot more red lines.

Here is a pic of what's happening - I have not put that red stuff on the slide.  The red lines display everytime that master slide comes up.

How do I get rid of it? 

Thanks for any help or suggestions! 

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Darla Woodworth

Thanks for taking a look at my question Peter!  I did submit a case to the support team.  I don't have an answer yet.  

I sent a file to the support team with the graphic on the master slide and the same graphic on a normal slide.  I get red lines with both.

I am working off of a server - so - per your suggestion, I moved the project to my C: drive and opened it from there.  Same thing.  Red lines across the slide when I preview.

Darla Woodworth

I am still having the problem, but, for the time being, I have gone on to other projects.  We tried everything that was asked.  My IT support always starts with the quick repair install.  I recreated the slide, I worked off a non network drive, etc.   I did get the red to disappear when I recreated it - but the red lines are like blood poisoning.  Once they start to bleed across the screen they multiply, increasing in number each time I preview the screen.

I finally recreated the flow chart (AGAIN), this time in another program and took snapshots to insert in Storyline.  They don't have the crisp edges that the orginal diagram had. 

My IT person thinks that Storyline programers might recognize the message that is written in red, since it is written by them.

There is an error somewhere . . .

Darla Woodworth

Thanks for helping with this Pete!   Articulate goes above and beyond to listen to users and to use the dialog to polish and improve their programs.  I wish I had helped find an answer - but, since I haven't - I am glad someone else popped up with the problem.   (Sorry Betsy!)

I uploaded my file back in August but the Articulate support team couldn't re-create the problem on their computers.  Maybe they will be able to with Betsy's file.

Could it be too many details on one slide?  I had liked the idea of creating the whole image on one slide and then using the Zoom tool to look at the process.

Peter Anderson

Darla Woodworth said:

Could it be too many details on one slide?  I had liked the idea of creating the whole image on one slide and then using the Zoom tool to look at the process.

Hey Darla!

Well, we certainly hope that's not the issue We don't have any documented cases of Storyline not being able to handle a set limit of slide elements, but your feedback is really valuable. That's definitely something we can explore while looking deeper into this. Thanks again for providing details. 

Betsy Nyman

Well, I've been trying all day but can't recreate the problem.  

Darla - were you using your own slide master/design?  I started my project by using one of the 'common interactions' as the basis for my look and feel.  What I noticed is that one layout in the master seemed to be the source of the issue (sorry guys I don't remember which layout it was).

The way I "fixed" it was to delete all the text boxes and shapes from that layout in the slide master.   I've attached the source file I started with.  I also had been working with two instances of Articulate open, and had been pounding away for several hours.

Hope this helps.


Malcolm Rowe

I'm having the same issue with "[illegible] Hardware ID of this web-server"ina couple of presentations that our company has translated for a client. It seems to arise after I've adjusted something in the Master slide.

In both cases I've been fixing links in a Resources screen that is accessible in Master view.

I have also adjusted the shape of a text box where therewas text overflow in the second presentation. I can't remember whether I did this at all in the first one although I had adjusted a couple of text boxes on the menu slide which is where the red text appears and I have also done this on the second.

As thesewere built by the client, I think rebuilding the Master is not really an option for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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