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Dec 13, 2012

I've made a series of little gauges with an arrow which rotates. I made them in powerpoint and saved each slide as a separate  wmv file. I then imported them into storyline and they are working nicely individually.

I have added the powerpoint file below for anyone who would like it.

What I want to do is start off with the gauge which has the arrow at red visible on the slide. The when the learner clicks a button to submit their result, the appropriate wmv file will appear and play, showing the arrow moving to the appropriate spot on the gauge.

I started playing around with it, but since I've never inserted video into storyline at all yet, (nothing like running before you can walk!) I thought I would ask for opinions on what is the easiest way to do this?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Fiona and Mike,

I've been trying to catch up on all the threads I missed due to all the traveling I was doing between Thanksgiving and early January. I came across this one earlier this evening and thought Wow! I love what you did here, Fiona. You were asking for ideas on using this in Storyline, so I thought I'd play around with one.

I've attached a "story" that asks the Learner to respond to 4 questions around the topic of "year." This is VERY simple, just to play with your gauge.

I set this up so the Learner can't "not" get it right. So you'll see that if a question is answered incorrectly, Learners are given a 2nd chance, and then the gauge "builds." And, to simplify the setup for me, I have the questions coming in one at a time.

Mike, I didn't use one shape with states for the different gauge levels. I used layers instead. But I did take advantage of states so objects wouldn't appear until I wanted them to. You'll see if you take a look at the attached story. I also played around a bit with the pick color tool to match some of the colors up, like the option buttons and fill backgrounds, with the gauge colors.

Fiona, I love the gauges. Thank you! It's so cool that you created them in PowerPoint, so if we want to change the colors to match a course we can easily do so. For example, I was thinking we could reverse the colors and say, "you're getting warmer" and have the gauge move from cooler to warmer colors.

It would be really cool also to have gauges that start where the previous one left off. So for example, a gauge that moves from 1/6 to 2/6, 2/6 to 3/6, etc., instead of each gauge always beginning at the start position. Perhaps you could remind me how to build's been a while since I've done that sort of thing in PPT!

Mike and Fiona, there is a slight delay before the gauge begins and also after it ends, so that objects that are triggered to "unhide" when the media is finished playing are a wee bit delayed. Not sure why. I created these by saving each slide out as a .wmv (from PPT) and then importing into the story.

Thanks again - I may create a Screenr for this if it's OK with you Fiona. And I could link back to this thread so you'd get the credit...or to a web site, twitter handle, whatever you'd like. Respond here, or ping me privately...whatever works!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Tx! Chuffed, eh? Had to look that one up. Thought you might be from England (I'm from the U.S.) - well, Australia, I see, in your bio. So, in terms of language/definitions, I guess I was on the right path.

After knowing I was on the wrong track at Urban dictionary, I found the meaning here

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You never know what you might learn in this forum!

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