Red X of Death

Oct 30, 2013

Working with my files on my local C drive, audio files saved to same folder, and not working from a USB flash drive, I'm coming across this problem. I'm on update 2, latest version of Storyline.

I've got more than enough hardware to run this program without encountering an error.

And, checking this document, it tells me that update 2 has fixed this issue. Or, if you encounter it switch resolution to 32 bit.

32 bit was already selected.

So, before I get the standard it's a corrupt file comment about my program, could someone please give me another work around on what to do to prevent this? 



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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Jesse.

We're actually on Update 3 of Storyline right now.  Is there a reason you're not using Update 3?

Could you try importing your Storyline Project into a new file to see if this helps to clear up any persistent corruption?  If the problem persists, would you be able to share a copy of the problematic .story project file with us so that we can take a closer look?  Thanks!

Jesse Spinella

I'm sorry, I meant Storyline 3. I typoed there. It doesn't happen often, actually very rarely - but it still happens. What was odd was that Storyline blacked out the working pane, gave me a red X across the time line and the button ribbon on top, and wouldn't let me click anything, save, or close it until I hit F4 (close program). When I hit F4, it cleared the black box and gave me the first image you see at the top of my post. I was able to save the program (luckily) and close it through task manager. When I reopened it, I had all my latest changes saved. But if F4 hadn't worked, I'd have been missing almost 2 hours of work.

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