Redirect on Android not working


If I go to the story.html page on my (old) Android phone, it does not redirect to the .swf. I can, however, go to the story.swf file, and it plays fine. Could this be because I have an older phone? It's Android version 2.2.3.

As a workaround, can I provide the .swf link to Android users, or is there some problem with linking directly to the .swf?



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Adrian Dean

Hi Midge,

I do know that Adobe is going to stop supporting flash on not just android but all mobile devices as the two articles below show. It might be better to start learning how to do what you need in HTML 5.

In regards to your version of Android, I would say that yes your version is probably too old. The problem with android and I have one and love it compared to the iPhone is that there are multiple versions out there. Someone could have 2.1 and be even worse off than you.

Hope I was helpful,