Redocking Notes Panel in Storyline 2

May 11, 2015

I accidentally undocked the Notes panel in the bottom of Storyline 2. Timeline and States are still docked. I was dragging it around trying to redock it, as I didn't know how and couldn't find a help article on it. I somehow dragged it down into the area of desktop's toolbars/taskbar at the bottom where the Start button and other shortcuts are.  and now can't get to it at all. I can only see the topi of it to see it is there. I have Windows 8. Does anyone know how to redock the Notes panel? Especially now that I can't even click on it.  I attached a screen capture so you can see what I mean. Look towards the bottom of my screen capture and you can see Timeline and States and see the very top of the Notes panel in my task/tool bar.

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Tim Danes
Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mindy! Glad that Jackson was able to assist you here. Thanks for popping in with an update.

I found Jackson's comment a life-saver too.  I'm a very experienced user of Storyline, and I would go so far as to suggest this might be a bug.  i.e. Once undocked, the draggable top bar section of the window became hidden for some reason and no matter what I did, I couldn't retrieve it (tried multiple displays and multiple resolutions to no avail). 

Can I ask that you raise that as a bug Leslie?  Thanks :) 

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