Mar 09, 2017

Hello Heroes,

I'm using Storyline 2... Other than the option of "Delete Unused Recordings", how do I reduce the size of a training course? (ex. I created a course of about 50 total slides, the course size is 700k!, would like to take it down significantly, maybe to 100k or less) Any suggestions/solutions?

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Likely MB, but still. :)

There are a few things you can do to drive the size down. Some things work better than others depending on your assets.

Since you mentioned recordings, you likely have a few hundreds of images in your output folder.

Storyline does use a third party image processor (pngcrush) during publish, but seems to be using a rather generic image processing algorithm, not by choice, but because it has to account for every resolution you throw at it, up to 2K.

Personally, when file size is an issue, I try to further optimise the images inside the output folder. Storyline outputs to JPEG and PNG, so I use a different piece of software for each file type.

Specifically JPEG Mini Pro for JPEG compression (paid, but a trial is available), and TinyPNG for PNG compression (paid Photoshop plugin, but you can compress up to 25 images at a time for free on their website. I can typically achieve around 50% compression rates using these two tools after publish (as long as my output is not heavy on videos), without noticeably sacrificing image quality.
Hope this helps,

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