My LMS has a limit of 1.5 Gb and I have put together a storyline 360 programme which as a zip file is 1.67 Gb. Not surprisingly it is rich in video and images, which is needed as it is a trainers resource. I have already compressed the videos using 'Handbrake'. Is there anyway I can reduce the file size still further without losing quality?

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Glenn Mander

I would consider hosting the videos elsewhere, like youtube, Vimeo or Kultura, it would certainly reduce the file size of the course. 

If that's not an option, the videos could be reduced in size while publishing. If you're using premiere pro, you can experiment with reducing the target bit rate, which may also help. 

I'd also look at reducing the size of your images and graphics using sites like Tinypng. You can get around a 60% reduction in the size of the images and graphics you put in the course.