Reducing size/moving video object

I'm going to shortcut a bunch of trial and error and just ask the question here

I have a video displaying on a page in Storyline. While the video is playing, I want to reduce the size of the window of the video and then fly in some other graphics next to/below it.

What is the best way to acheive the effect of reducing the video window while the video/audio is still playing? Is there a way to do this?



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Adrian Dean

Hi Anna,

You cannot currently reduce the size of the video while it is playing. Whatever size it starts out at is the size it remains throughout. You do have the option to zoom in using zoom regions. You could put your graphics or text within the zoom region to appear during the timeline when you want using timeline management and triggers.

Having said that, the ability to shrink the video within the slide while it is playing would make a nice feature request.

Always Happy to Help,