Reference Selected Answers on a New Slide

Is there a way to reference selected answers from a quiz on a new slide?  My project contains 6 questions with three answers a piece.  It’s an assessment that gives the user points based on which answer they select.  At the end I would like to provide a slide that only references their selected answers.  Next to these answers I will be providing helpful links. I've played around with triggers, variables and referencing to a variable, but with no luck.  I'm relatively new to this, but it seems like there has to be a way.

Here is an example of the question slide:

And here is an example of all the questions/links that I have for the whole course.  My goal is to only show the answers that the user selected.  To the right of those answers will be the links.

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Jeremy Kraemer

Hi Harri, thanks for your speedy response!

I guess I need a breakdown.  I have been rereading your comment for the past hour and playing with just about every scenario and I can’t seem to get it.  I can get the answer to show up, but it also shows up even if I didn’t click that answer.

1.      What are your settings for the variable to report the answer selected

2.      On the second slide, what are your settings on the trigger?

3.      Do you add a condition to the trigger?

I would like to only add the user’s answers to a blank slide.

Harri C

Hi Jeremy,

Not sure if this is the most concise way of achieving this but I usually set up a true/false variable for each option i.e is a question has 4 potential answers I would have 4 true/false variables. I then change the variable to reflect the answer when the user clicks submit.

Hope that's a little clearer

Jeremy Kraemer

Hello all, so I actually came up with a solution this early morning.  Not sure if it is the best method, but it works as intended.  I changed my answer slide to show all the answers, figured it would help my user see where they lie on the scale based on their answer.  I then set up variables to record each selected answer on the question slides. Next I applied a trigger to each button once clicked to adjust the variable by adding a value of one when the user clicks.  On my results slide I made a rectangle on a separate layer for each answer.  Then I applied a trigger to show the layer based on which answer the user selected based on a condition that the variable from the question slide was greater than or equal to 2.  The key was to turn off the default tab on the slide layer that hid other slide layers.

So all that being said, it works, below are some screen shots.  I can also verify that Harri’s solution would have worked as well if I had stuck with my original model of only showing the users selected answers.  Rebecca thanks for sending some help, unfortunately my company denies access to screenr content.

 Create Variables for each selected answer on question slide

Add Triggers on question slide to adjust the variable for each answer when selected

Add layers on Answer slide for each answer

 Apply a trigger to show layer if value is greater than or equal to #

In the trigger wizard, show layer for selected answer from question slide based on condition

End results for my slide was to show the rectangle on the answer selected from earlier question

This isn't the prettiest slide, but it does justice for my users.  Thanks to all that helped!