Reference Variable in the player

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this. I'd like to be able to display Slide Numbers in the player so that it doesn't take up any space on the actual slide. I have a variable set up (SlideNumber) and a trigger on each slide (Change variable SlideNumber to a number when the timeline starts on each slide) that changes the variable to the appropriate slide number.

Is there any way to get the slide number to show up at the top of the menu. I tried inserting an item with the text "Slide %SlideNumber%" at the top of the player, but it doesn't seem to change with the variable. I am not familiar with JavaScript, but I'm thinking that might be the only way to get the variable reference to actually pull from the variable. Or is this even possible?

I appreciate any help!



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katie and welcome to Heroes!

The only way to add elements to the player would be to do so within the Storyline SDK available here. You'll need some flash coding skills to set this up. You could also look at creating a chrome less player to remove all elements and then embed that variable on a slide master which was used by all your slides. 

Judy Nollet

Or perhaps reconsider whether to show the slide numbers at all. Do learners truly need to see that on every slide? To me, slide numbers distract from the real content and, instead, make the learner focus on how much further they have to go. Not to mention that if a slide has multiple layers, those might seem like separate slides to the learner, but they won't be numbered as such.

If your course includes a Menu (on the side or at the top of the player), learners can see what slides are in the course, which provides the reference point for how far they've come and how far they have to go. You can even have the Menu include numbers. (But, again, what purpose does that level of detail serve?)