Referencing a layer or variable from Javascript

Is there any way to show/hide a layer by "Executing JavaScript"? This could be either internal to Storyline or external. Also, is there any way to manipulate a variable defined in Storyline thru "Executing Javascript"? Or do they live in different "sandboxes"?

Additionally, what's the scope of Storyline variables? Can one slides variables be changed from another slide? I could see that having adverse and unintended consequences. You'd have to get very granular with your variable naming conventions (e.g. slide1_isComplete as opposed to isComplete).

EDIT: Any update on this issue? I would like to show a layer based on an event in my web object. Any ideas?

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Cédric Froehlich

Hi Jason!

For the first part of your question, check this link.

It wroks well but you have to play the result through html5 or flash player. That means that a classic html or lms export won't work...

For example, here at the place I work to, we have Explorer8, so an html5 export isn't supported...

Hopping this could help!