Referencing static textbox text via trigger/variable

Hi All,

Soooo... I am attempting to create a quiz for our students. I am typing the question in a textbox and then they submit their short answers in a text entry box. I know how to use variables with text entry, but is there a way to recall the text from the static text box? For instance, if I want them to click a button later and have just the question text display, is there a way to do that?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Aileen

if you add a text box or shape and then insert the reference to that 'variable' when the user clicks the button it should display - hope that makes sense.

eg if your text entry reference is 'wordsofwisdom' then place that variable %wordsofwisdom% into a shape that triggers from your button.

Let me know if you need a sample.

Aileen Lynch

Thanks, Wendy! IGS actually not for a text entry box though. It's just static text that I want users to be able to view, but if that text changes, I want it to change throughout the eLearning. For example. On slide 1 I ask a question and added text entry box for their response. The next slide displays their response as well as the expert answer. I want to add a marker type button that when they click it displays the question the responses are referring to. If that makes sense. If not, I can attach the example.


Aileen Lynch

Hi Wendy, 

Attached is a file that, I hope, will make a bit more sense. I am trying to find a way to have the text (in the red boxes) display exactly the same. But I didn t know if there was a way to use variables to make it automatically change on slide two if we ever went in to make changes on slide one. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Aileen

I absolutely get what you are trying to do now that I seen it...

I tried to set up a text entry box off stage with the question in it and have that variable in the question box and the marker, but you still have to 'lose focus' for it to trigger, which I couldn't get it to do.

Hmmmm....I'm sure a super hero will have a workaround for you...sorry I couldn't help.

Great question though - its probably going to drive me crazy now trying to make it work - lol

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Aileen,

I think I'm understanding what you're looking for - and I just want to confirm you're only looking to change it as the author/editor of the course, not for users to be able to change it? What about making a text variable and setting the default value to that question text? That way you could reference it throughout the course and it would be the same - and if you ever go back to edit the course you'll only have to edit the variable default value and it'll update across all slides? 

Now, the only caution I have with this, is if you're going to be updating the course and users will be accessing the same course (title, link, etc.) they may be viewing a cached version of it depending on the browser or if hosting in your LMS. Also, updating a course in an LMS can cause a loss of tracking data. 

Aileen Lynch

That is correct , Ashley. I only want to change it as the author. Your first paragraphs sums it up completely :) 

We use new links with most updates, so I am hoping it wont lose any information. We do not track this within the LMS, this is strictly practice activity for their reference only.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Aileen

sorry I didn't know which version you were using and I don't have the time to recreate just now.

Hope this helps

What I did:

1. Create a text variable called Q1 and in the default value I added the question

2. Then on the Your Answer / Expert Answer screen in the marker I entered the variable %Q1%

So it works like this: