Refresh Master Slide (Progress Bar/Meter) Delay

Dec 11, 2019

I have a progress bar set up using variables that is located on a master slide. It works well except it does not dynamically update, due to a delay in refreshing the slide. I have a version I check against a light boxed version that does. For example, if going between 5-10% it will delay until you go Previous or Next before correctly updating the state. I highly suspect this happens because the master slide does not have time to update the state, until navigating one further (next or previous). Can I manually set a variable on the master slide to push a refresh at the beginning of the timeline? This master slide is used to display the progress bar at the bottom of every slide so it is nice to have the most up to date reading.

Any idea on how to refresh the master slide so it can reference the variable without having to go forward or back one slide? I'm on Storyline 360. It would appear that I can't simply link back to the slide in question since it's a master slide. Product feature request?

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Najam  Fazal

On Master Slide:

  1. Use a number variable to store progress value. say progress
  2. Create state on the progress bar for whichever increment you wish. I created states for every 10% increment.
  3. Create triggers with action change state of bar when variable changes for all the states. I used it 4 times from 0% state to 30% state.

On main slide, when you intend to change the progress, just add adjust variable trigger on progress variable and the progress bar will update accordingly. In my file I increase progress variable by 5% each time so you will see the bar changing after clicking twice.


Tyler Moore

I couldn't get the lightbox version of my progress bars to work unfortunately. The main one on the master slide works however. I didn't have my lightbox versions linked to the master slide as they are different progress graphics but use the same 'progress' variable. The only way I could get the lightbox versions to work was change the state when the timeline starts. When I try to change on variable it doesn't work like the master slide did. I have all the variables set up the same but on their respective individual slides. I think possibly because I have multiple versions of the progress variable attached to different images and states.

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