refreshing page with javascript command

hi, we are trying to find a workaround to the slow-down problem on courses viewed on safari on ipad with ios 7.0.1.

Since it seems that refreshing the browser somehow "flush" safari cache and speed up again the course, we were thinking to use a window refresh command in certain points of the course (i.e. after a slide with video) to empty browser cache and speed up navigation to normal level.

So i tried to insert a javascript action on the next button in the video slide as follow:

Execute JavaScript when the user click the next button:


the problem is that the command activate the resume function, and its prompt. so we tried to set the resume to "always resume" hoping that it would restart to the last step, and on the contrary, it starts the course from the beginning, both on pc and ipad. how come?

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Andrew Gee

Hi Zio,

Whilst I am only learning Javascript in regards to enhancing Storyline functions.

I am following as many forums on the subject hence my post.

Might not be of help but I have used the following JS to refresh the page:


This works when publishing to CD and offers the learner to resume where they left off.

Am not sure about LMS and iPad but something I found.



Zio Fonta

thank you Andrew, i confirm that your JS work the same as mine, it correctly refresh the html page, the problem is in the resume behaviour. If i set it to "always resume" it just don't work on flash or html. If set to "prompt to resume" it correctly show up the prompt request (that we want to bypass, always resuming)

Am I the only one here that is having this problem? Does anyone can provide me a simple example of 2-3 screens course that always resume when refreshing html page???

Andrew Gee

Hi Zio,

Sorry, thought it might work better.

This is probably one for the Storyline Dev team as there may be a way to automatically have the resume Yes button to be selected.

Either through JS or even a simple trigger etc.

Am interested in this one as will be going to start publishing iPad soon and want to know what I can and can't do.

Will keep an eye on this post for any solutions and if I do stumble on an answer will let you know asap.



Zio Fonta

hi Phil, 

a simple refresh of the browser window should not make you lose the bookmark data, in fact when we set the resume to "prompt to resume" it works as it should.

The issue seems to be solved on Moodle if you clear the node "masteryscore" in the imsmanifest.xml.

As i posted in another thread, this node (by scorm 1.2 specifications) allows LMS to re-evaluate the status of the course to "failed" also if the scorm passes the "Incomplete" status if the masteryscore node is present and if there is a cmi.core.score.raw saved, minor to the masteryscore value.

I'm almost sure Moodle does make this re-evaluation because i forced all the status to "Incomplete" by changing the value in the SCORMFunction.js, and the status was anyway saved as "failed" when the user exited the course having a raw score minor to the masteryscore

before deleting the masteryscore node, the status was saved as "failed" in this case, and in my opinion the automatic resume funcionality brought you to the first slide for that reason.

After we deleted the masteryscore node, we tested again exiting and re-launching the course and it seems to resume correctly to the last visited slide. In my opinion this time it worked because the status is saved as "incompleted".

Can you confirm this theory?

thank you