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I am new to storyline 3 and I am creating a course which has 3 to 4 mini quizzes in total. The instructions are same for all however I am stuck after creating the first 3 quiz questions and their result slide. The questions may seem silly but they are really horrifying for me :(

1. I want to give two chances to learners to retake quiz if they fail. For first time failure, their should be a trigger(or any other function) that jumps to the content slides covered earlier and during this the next button should be disabled on the result slide. After second quiz attempt, if they fail then the next button should be enabled with a message saying that you can only attempt twice so click next to continue.

2. The learner should not be able to quit the course and they should not skip any slides.

Looking forward to assistance!



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Shalom Mangalindan

Hi SK,

That's a good feature for your course and your questions are far from being silly.

Anyway, you can do it by adding triggers and slide layers on your result slide. Here's a step-by-step guide on adding a Result Slide, including all features you can use there.

I tried the scenario you are describing and here's what I did.

To limit the number of quiz attempts, I used a variable (TakeNumber in my example) to track the number of times the Retry button is pressed by the learner. In your case, the learner should only be able to press it once (so, two attempts only). And then, I set up a "third take" layer on the result slide,  which issues the "you can only attempt twice so click next to continue" message when the learner fails the quiz on second attempt.

On the 'Success' and 'Third Take' layers of the result slide, I added triggers to hide the Retry button, so that the learner will only have the option to go to the next slide.

I've attached my .story file example. Please take note of the triggers on the result slide, as the setup for this is mostly in there. Also, make sure that the slide options for the quiz slides are as below, to prevent the learner from using the navigation button to advance without answering the questions.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Fakeha Sajal Khokhar

Dear Shalom,

I have a problem when I set the result slide properties like you mentioned. After the second failure attempt the user should go to the next section of course but the submit button displays the same message "that you need to complete the question first". 

How can I restrict the user through "submit" button first time but on the second attempt allow to move forward in course?