I am creating classes for students in North American and the Caribbean and Latin America areas. Soon these classes will expand to the EU as well. I am looking for a way to (within the class itself) hide or show information pertaining only to the area the student is from. My hope is to create the class once rather than having to have separate classes/lessons so as to avoid having to update multiple classes as information changes. Any ideas?

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Jim Graham

Only comment that I have is that links to examples would have been really helpful. I was able to find what I needed by searching for drop-down menu (which led me to variables which led me to YouTube videos). I'm certainly not expecting others to do the work of learning for me, just thinking of total newbees (like me).


Philippe JEANTY

Having each sound exported as Sound0001.mp3, Sound0002.mp3.... in a directory, then having those recorded in a different language and reimported would be a nice first step.  In DIRECTOR all the sounds could be placed in a special file and the lecture used a menu to select which file was used for each language.