Registering 'course completion' with more than one quiz option

I have a ‘refresher’ course with three pathways—

Option 1: There is a short introduction and the learner proceeds directly to a quiz (15 questions, no ‘retry’ available).  If the learner gets all questions correct, they can ‘close’ the course.  The learner has demonstrated his/her knowledge and we do not require any further action.

Option 2: If the learner fails option 1, they proceed to option 2, where they complete short course followed by a quiz (10 questions with one ‘retry’ available)

Option 3: If all this fails, they proceed to option 3.  This option requires a manager to assign the full version of the course to the learner.


I can only select one quiz (say, option 2) when publishing.  Therefore, I have two questions—

How can I ensure that the successful completion of option 1, registers in my LMS?

Will activating the ‘close’ button (option 1) mean that the course displays as ‘complete’ in the learners transcript?


I look forward to your advice.

Many thanks,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris,

Completion is tracked either by a results slide or visiting a set number of slides. You may want to look at this method on submitting completion based on visiting a specific slide - which you could direct the learner to after options 1 (passed) and 2 (passed).  

You may also want to look at some of the threads such as this one which include a pre/post test set up, or this thread which discusses  how to track the results within a language course that branches - both methods may give you some ideas on how you'd want to set this up in your course.