Relative Links in Web Objects

I have a bunch of very large courses that each have a slide with a web object.  The web object points to a specific domain and program.  Now I plan to migrate the progam to a new domain.  As a result I have to change the link to the new domain, republish, and then re-upload the courses.  This could take days.

If I was able to make relative links this issue would not exist.

Is there a way to work around this so courses with web objects can be more easily portable?

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Andre Van Looveren

The portability of my project between domains is a problem, as I cannot get relative paths accepted in the Web Object "address" field.  I don't understand why this would even be a valid limitation.  Anyone find a workaround?

To be clear, when I run my SCO on a dev server, I want to point the Web Object to a dev hosted page.  When I run the SCO on a QA server, I want to point to a QA hosted page.  ...and so on.  In the case of QA sign-off and going live, I don't want to update (touch) the file at all after approval.