Relative paths for web objects

Reading many post about this topic I would like to request relative paths for web objects and other external content. 

Example: If I insert a html file on my local drive (over the folder button) it gets a full path c:\myprojectfolder\myexternalcontent\myhtmlpage.html and the file will be copied into the project.

Problem 1: If I change the file, I have to relink the file to be updated.

Problem 2: If I move the project or work collaborative with colleges (syncing it other dropbox, working on a webdrive) the link is broken.

Solution 1: Linked files should be automatically updated if they are changed. Alternatively they shouldn’t be copy before the output package is created.

Solution 2: After picking the file over the folder button storyline should check if the chosen folder is within the project folder and replace the absolute link through a relative one (“\myexternalcontent\myhtmlpage.html”). 

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