Relaunch Scorm 1.2 Following Completion in LMS

Hello All, 

I've been following some discussion regarding SCORM publishing and LMS.  I haven't found my particular issue yet.  Our courses are comprised of 4 to 5 Storyline 2 modules published as SCORM 1.2 and loaded into our LMS (Edubrite). The final module is a course quiz and is tracked via a scored results slide. The others are tracked via number of slides viewed. All are reported as "Passed/Incomplete".  The resume feature works throughout the course, as well as the review quiz results.

Course completion in the LMS requires a passing score on the final quiz module (SCORM 1.2) as well as completion of a survey (built with the LMS editor). Following course completion (and certificate generation) we want learners to be able to relaunch the course modules to review content within a defined time period.  Is this something that requires editing in the published Storyline files folder (such as LMS or configuration) or is this an LMS vendor issue or is there some other workaround?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Paula!

So it sounds like the LMS is reading the completion and quiz data correctly, but you're wanting to allow learners to be able to relaunch the course after they have completed all of the content. Can you tell me what happens now when a learner tries to relaunch the course? 

Since you mentioned the resume feature works throughout the course, as well as the review quiz feature, I'm thinking this could be related to a setting within your LMS. 

Paula Galvin

Hello Alyssa,

In the user dashboard, course access moves from "My Items: Enrolled Courses" to "Completed Items".  Up until this morning, once the courses were completed, the course title links no longer functioned for opening and relaunching.  I made a new test course today and it relaunched fine, albeit with the triggers/states already changed.  I've read about this in some other posts. I'm receiving usability comments form some current users - so I'll need to check out that specific course, but at least the test course worked.  I'll find the thread regarding the trigger/states reset - or is that something you are familiar with?  Does that fix involve some java scripting?

Thank you.


Alyssa Gomez

Hey Paula!

What triggers and states did you change in the new test course? Did you make any changes to the Resume Behavior

To confirm it's not an issue with your LMS you may want to look at testing it in another environment such as SCORM Cloud, which is an industry standard for LMS Testing. The article linked there will walk you through testing steps. If you're able to resume the course in SCORM Cloud, then it's safe to assume the issue is related to your LMS. On that note, what LMS are you using? Although I don't have LMS-specific tips to share, hopefully other folks in the community who use the same LMS can provide some guidance.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vicki,

You can set the resume behavior for your courses as detailed here.  Using that method if a user closes out of a course, they'll be brought back to the point they left off. You will also want to confirm with your LMS team if there are any changes or settings you need to use on their end.