Remember Drag and Drop Order

I'm trying to develop a module based on the PACE Color Palette, and I want it to work something like this:

I have four colored cards in my Storyline module - red, yellow, blue, green. At one point, learners will drag-and-drop the cards into the order that they prefer those colors (e.g. "I like red best, so it goes first, then blue is my second favorite, then green, then yellow."). I'll likely do this with a freeform ungraded question.

The hard part is this - I want Storyline to remember the order of the cards so that they can be shown on a later slide. I imagine I need to use variables to do this, but I'm not sure how to structure the assignment triggers. Has anybody ever done anything like this before? Thanks in advance!

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Jan Lua

Hi Bryant,

Here is how I would normally approach it, hope it helps:

1. I labelled each drag item and drop target, this will help with transitioning them to other slides.

2. I created my text variables, i.e. box1, box2, box3, box4.

3. Then the trigger would be: adjust variable box1 to red when the user drags the object to the target. Object: red card, Target: First box

4. Repeat step 3 for all cards for box1, then for all cards for the following boxes. There would then be 16 triggers at the end.

5. On the later slide, you can either use states (Change from hidden to red card when timeline starts if box1 = red) or use the move option.

It's a bit tedious but if you are creating something more complex, it would be an ideal approach as it is more flexible.

Let me know how it goes.