Remote de-activation of Storyline 2 floating licenses

We have two floating licenses for SL2.   Staff are now working from home and having difficulty accessing the software as it is saying the license is already in use.  This maybe due to staff not deactivating when they have finished using the license and not currently at work for us to contact.  

Is there a way we can remotely de-activate both of our floating licenses?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nicky,

Directions for deactivating Storyline 2 can be found here. Any ability to access the local installation on a user's machine would be dependent on your IT environment.

Section 2.3 of our End User License Agreement details that each licensed user can install Storyline on up to two computers for personal use.

Our team can help get your licensed users back up and running though, so be sure to contact our team via e-mail and share the serial numbers you need to activate.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nicky,

I've taken care of this one (thanks Matthew for reporting).

In the future, if you pop into the forum, you will see options for editing/deleting below your reply.

It was greyed out due to Matthew reporting to us and in seeing your reply about how to delete, I did it on your behalf from his report.

I apologize if that caused any confusion.