Remote mouse trigger?

Aug 03, 2012

Hi. I'm creating a Storyline project that will be saved as a local HTML file, launched and projected within a classroom. It's a "Jeopardy" style presentation, so the facilitator will click on a text box, and jump to the corresponding question/answer.

My question is, facilitators are used to advancing slides with their remote mouse/laser pointer in PPT mode. Can I set the "Next" button on the Storyline Player to respond to the remote mouse's "next" button, as it would with PPT? 

Now this is probably reaching too far, but if the facilitator places their remote mouse on the hyperlinked text box that jumps to a slide, can I set the trigger to respond to the click of the remote mouse?



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Mike Enders



Okay,  so I just so happen to have recently purchased a remote (Logitech Presenter R400).  And YES! it worked for mapping the next button to the remote.  Here's what I did...

1. Turned on the remote

2. Opened up Storyline

3. Added the trigger, Jump to Next Slide when user presses Key the point where you click the keyboard to enter the keystroke, i pressed the forward arrow on my remote.  My remote maps the Page Down key.  Not sure if all remotes do this!

But anyhow, I published it out, loaded to the web and voila!  It worked.

As for the hyperlink...If they're controlling the pointer with their remote mouse, then I don't see why you can't map the hyperlink as well.


john faulkes

Thanks for this! I want to do the same thing but up until now I had planned to create two slide-sized 0% transparency buttons with fwd and back triggers for left and right click! (On each slide of course). The above is a much better solution.

I am looking forward to an opportunity this Fall to pilot a live course without any PowerPoint at all....with a lot of interactivity in the room. I wondered if anyone would recommend either an all-in-one laser pointer/remote mouse combo, or whether a pointer/slide advance device (like the logitech) and a separate wireless mouse, would be more solid?

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