Removal of quiz slide seekbar

Dec 03, 2014

I'm currectly having a problem with removing the seek bar from my banked quiz slides. As shown in Seekbar_1.jpg, I have deselected the seek bar option in the player, but yet the seek bar still continues to play when I preview my course. I've also checked in the bank question slide itself but, as shown in Seekbar_2.jpg, there is no option to deselect it on this slide. Can anyone help me?

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Shaun Thornton

Hi Alexander. Looking at your images it doesn't look like you have turned the seekbar off in the Player but just turned it off for a specific slide. Click on the Player icon on the Home ribbon (see image attached). The deselect seekbar (see second image attached). Now you can add the seekbar to specific slides like what you have done in your first image but it will not be showing for your question bank slide.


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