Remove audio from timeline

Anyway to get an audio file off of the base layer timeline? I'm trying to avoid the holdup with restricted navigation so user can advance. This screen has layers, so if they click a tab too soon and the baseline audio is paused they can't advance. I was hoping to put the instructions "Click the tabs to learn more" as a free floating audio file not tied to the baseline timeline. 

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Transfers of Learning

Thanks Alyssa. I did a similar work around. I animated the objects slowly so they are in motion until last micro-second of timeline. When did the restricted navigation get tied to the timeline (can't click NEXT until timeline ends)? I don't recall having this trouble in other courses I've done.

Just curious.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Debbie,

The restricted navigation of the player menu and the next button not being able to advance till the end of the timeline became tied together at the start of Storyline 2 which was launched about 2 years ago. So perhaps your other courses were using the free navigation or had a shorter timeline associated with each slide? Perhaps also you were using a custom navigation and your own buttons vs. the built in player buttons?