Remove 'Correct Answer' and 'Student Answer' columns from Results Printout

Hi. Hope someone can help me to do this. I am using Articulate 360.

I simply want to remove the 'Correct Answer' and 'Student Answer' columns from the Results Printout. All other info on the results page is fine.

I do not know html or how to find any files I must edit on my C drive so if you can help, please explain step-by-step.

Thank you in advance Heroes  

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Russell Killips

Hello Andy,

After publishing your course, inside the story_content folder there is a file titled: report.html

That report.html file needs to be modified to remove those two columns.

I have attached a modified report.html file. After publishing your course you will need to replace the file with the attached one.

I tested it using Storyline 360 in the SCORM Cloud.