Remove Correct Answer Column in Print Results

Apr 24, 2018

I am using Storyline 3 to publish an assessment. I would like to use the Print Results feature, but do not want the report to show the 'Correct Answer' column. I have seen old threads on this topic, but the steps no longer work on editing the report.html file. Could I get the exact steps on how to edit the report.html file to hide the Correct Answer column? I have attached the Storyline file I'm using.

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Kevin Raspin

Hi Russell, don't suppose you could amend one so that you just get the 'Date and Time' at the top (no student score, passing score or result), and the 'Question' and 'Passed or Failed' (no points awarded or student answer) could you? I've tried several times and seem to be breaking it, it's driving me mad!

Geremy Gortemaker

Hey Russell, would you happen to know how to get rid of the points awarded column? And as a bonus, is there a way that I can change the Student score shown at the top to a variable I used in the course - I've got a few pick many questions that have partial scoring, so the default score is off for my report.

Russell Killips

Hello Darci,

I'm a little bit confused, you asked me to remove the Result column. If the Result column is removed, the word Incorrect wouldn't be seen ??.

If you want to change the name of the report so it is different from your course name, you will need to edit the function displayHeader() located inside the report.html file.

In the picture below, I added code at line 147 that changes the title.

Report Title