Remove Correct Answer Column in Print Results

Apr 24, 2018

I am using Storyline 3 to publish an assessment. I would like to use the Print Results feature, but do not want the report to show the 'Correct Answer' column. I have seen old threads on this topic, but the steps no longer work on editing the report.html file. Could I get the exact steps on how to edit the report.html file to hide the Correct Answer column? I have attached the Storyline file I'm using.

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Russell Killips

Hello Darci

You will need to modify two functions:

The createQuizDiv is also where you can set your Section titles.

The displayHeader function is where the logo is added and where the Report title is set.

I have attached a report that should work for 5 sections.

Darci Axelson

Hi Russell,

You were so helpful with the Report.html file, I'm wondering if you can help me a step further. We want to add an Action Plan table to the Report.html. Please find attached .pdf to view a visual of what we want to do. Do you have a recommendation of how to best built this custom table to the Report.html file?

Darci Axelson

Hey Russell,

This is close, but not exactly what we need. I need the sectioned report you previously sent me but with additional columns.

Can you help me with renaming the Report to General Assessment Action Plan.

In the body, I need:  In the Details, show Question # (with incorrect question number prepopulated); Question (with incorrect question populated) Result (with the ability to select a drop down of Meets Expectations or Below Expectations: New Column for Comments; New Column for Remediation Date, and a new signature block at the bottom of the form.

And can you add a signature block at the bottom?

Please see attached screen shot.