Remove Exit Button in player for last couple of slides?

Hi Everyone,

I have an "Exit" button available in the player throughout my Articulate 360 lesson yet need to remove this "exit" button for the last several slides to keep people from jumping out of the lesson too early.  

One note: We are recording the results by a quiz results slide, then have several slides after the results for the learner to download some elements. So setting it up to report by number of pages viewed is not accurate for recording results.

Just brainstorming ideas:

  • Any suggestion on making and selecting a "custom player" for just these slides?
  • Or a trigger to remove the "exit" button in the player?
  • Or remove the "exit" button on all slides but add a trigger to have it available on the rest of the slides in the lesson (ex. if there are 50 slides, 48 would have an additional triggering to add the "exit" button in the menu).

I really appreciate any suggestions!


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Crystal Horn

Hi Melissa!  I love the brainstorming - thanks for sharing your thought process.  The tabs you create in the player aren't included when you customize player features at the slide level:

Would it be possible to make that player tab a button that goes on a slide master layout?  Then you can use a similar layout that doesn't include the button for those slides where you'd like to avoid it.

Let us know how you make out!

Melissa Wagner

Hi Crystal,

Thank you for responding to my post.  Your idea currently is the only option working for me yet I tried another idea after talking with some of my team.  

I tried adding a trigger on the "exit" button in the player, creating a variable as "true", then when on the actual slide that I want the "exit" button to be disabled, I add a trigger to make the variable "false".  It didn't work.  This disabled all my "exit" buttons throughout the course. (see attached image.)

I also tried using the "modern" vs. "classic" player style to see if that made a difference... nope.

I also tried the variable on the "exit" button within the player to start as "false" and then make it "true" on all the other slides...didn't work ...just stayed disabled on all slides.  

I think this triggering is going in the right direction because it does disable the "exit" button yet I must be forgetting one more trigger to make it work.

Thank you again for your input!