Remove Image Background

Using PowerPoint and Presenter, I used the Remove Background feature quite often after inserting an image.  I don't see this as an option in Storyline.  I know that I can set transparent color, but this feature doesn't give the same controls over the image as the Remove Background feature.  I'm curious as to why this feature seems (to me) to be missing from Storyline.

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David Anderson

Hi Jason -

As much as Storyline has PowerPoint's familiar look and feel, it's still a separate program. Not everything was brought over. But I totally agree that it's an essential feature. Would you mind adding your voice to adding this as a feature:

Jason Morris

Thanks David,  It is indeed essential as I just spent several additional minutes editing photos in PowerPoint first, then inserting those into my Storyline project.  This will ultimately add more time to complete my projects with the additional steps just to simply insert a picture with a removed background.

I will add this "wish" to the support feature. 

Thanks again!

Felicia Lee

There exists more remove background tool and free transparent background image platform.

It's not the problem if you want to transparent background images.

for example and Background Eraser, and platform

I often use the tool to generate the no background image and add new creative background to make it funny.