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I've edited some videos and added logos, which I then made transparent. I'm now editing the slides and have decided I don't want the logos, but the "Remove Logo" button is greyed out, and "Reset Video" doesn't do anything.

Is there any way to fix this, or do I need to remove the old videos, and add and trim the original videos again?



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Bob O'Donnell

Its probably a bug.... Programming wise, you would think it would work the way its set up, check box to add the logo or remove the logo. However, once you hit "Save & Close" the ability to remove the inserted logo is gone. At least that's been my experience. Same as Crystal's test. The only good thing is that video edit only applies to what was imported into Storyline, your original video remains untouched.

You would need to insert the videos again for sure if you cropped them. As I recall, using the Replace video option defaults the full size video to the cropped size. Can't remember if trim is affected using "Replace" from the Right Click menu or not.

Nick Sweet

I'm not seeing a Replace option for videos (I have seen that for pictures and shapes). If I edit the video and select change video, it gives me the entire video, it doesn't trim it down unfortunately. Sounds like I'll be retrimming these videos.

Thanks for all the help though, and maybe Crystal will find out more.

Crystal Horn

Hi Nick and Bob. This behavior is a bug. Unlike Storyline 2 and 3, Storyline 360 is not allowing you to undo changes made to your video after saving and closing, and then reopening the video editor.

I'll document this issue, and we'll start getting it prioritized. We'll let you know here about any changes to this behavior!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nick,

Thanks for reporting this one! I saw Crystal shared it with our team based on your discussion here, and so far we haven't had any other reports of this issue. Here's an inside look at how we prioritize bugs once we report them. With that in mind, I'd look at re-editing the video. 

We'll post here as soon as we have more to share!