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Mike Enders


I just chatted with our developers and it appears that we can't remove the mouse trail.  It would make a great feature request if you'd be willing to submit:  http://www.articulate.com/support/contact/submit.php?form=feature

In the meantime, I might suggest using a .png mouse image.  This should serve the same purpose and can quickly be inserted when needed.


Mike Enders

Hi Cindy,

You can shorten the travel time by decreasing the mouse's time on the timeline. The mouse will arrive at it's intended location at the end of it's time on the timeline. So you can drag the edges of the element in the timeline to adjust the length of the mouse is on the slide (and, along with that...it's speed). Shorter timeline presence = faster speed.

I hope this helps!


Pascale Garceau

I would need the "Show Click Effects" box to be deselected as default.
My employer doesn't want this effect to show in our projects.
As it is now, I need to deselect it on every slide, every time.
It is rather time consuming. :)

In the hope that there's a magic trick for this, I thank you in advance.