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Hello everyone,
I am struggling with another problem, much searched for on the internet, to which I have found many solutions but none working.
I would need to somehow remove the play that appears at the beginning of the course when viewed from a smartphone.

On the first slide there is no video or audio, the problem is that all the guides I find refer to old versions of the storyline and I don't have the files or lines of code named.
I know you don't provide support on editing external files but what could be the simplest solution?
A script that automatically starts the play button would also be fine, or make the background and the play button completely invisible but clickable .. I don't know?
Help! Is there a good person who can help me?
Thank you so much everyone!

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Math Notermans

Yep, there is a way to get this done.

In your published Storyline folder you can find a file called:


Unminify ds-slides.min.js at
The file looks like this when not unminified. Quite unreadable. Developers do that to make code smaller in Kb.
After Unminifying your file you have better readable code like this...
I use Sublime Text as editor for all code. Open up or copy the unminified code to your editor and find this function.

onMobileStart: function(t)

At the end of that function add:


The overlay in the Responsive Player / Modern Player disappears and the course plays normally.
You can replace your ds-slides.min.js in your Articulate folder on your local HD, because Storyline duplicates that file and uses it at publish time.

Actually you should minify your code again before replacing it.

Kind regards and good luck,

m m

Hi Math!
Thank you so much for the support, you gave me hope!
You were very clear but maybe I am wrong something and the result is that now I do not see the play button but only the title with the background, it means that I cannot continue.

Where am I wrong?
I found the ds-slides.min.jis file in html5 \ lib \ scripts, after unminify it was easy for me to find "startOverlay.READY".
I added this.onStart (); at the end of the paragraph itself in the minified file because didn't work.
So the result is like the one below, but why doesn't it work?

Thank you all indeed!

Math Notermans

Not sure what you are doing wrong ( if anything ) but check this sample on your mobile and it works ( in Review that is )

Replace your ds-slides.min.js file by this one and it should work..
This one is not minified. If it does what you need, you can minify it or edit whats needed in the original minified file. Always keep the original...

m m

Hi dear Math, thank you so much for your patience but it still doesn't work,
the code seems integrated well, I also tried to replace the file you attached in the html5 \ lib \ scripts folder
but it does not work! :(
The project you linked instead starts very well! So I thought: the problem is that it is not loaded on an LMS? Or could it be that the site does not have an SSL certificate so it is seen as "Not Secure"?

Thanks again very much!

Math Notermans

How are you testing ? This only works in published versions. Secure browser (https) preferred offcourse, but thats more on the Articulate/Storyline side then whatelse. Do share your project.. hard to tell whats wrong especially if you pointed out that my test works.

Might have to do with your choice of player. Got mine transparant and disabled completely.

Kind regards,

PJ Palomaki

Update for Storyline v3.55.25975.0:

You need to edit html5/lib/scripts/slides.min.js

This is what the section now looks like unminified:

This is what it looks like after adding this.onStart(); :

Note, you don't need to unminify the .js, you can do search and replace on the unmodified slides.min.js:

Search: u.trigger(c.startOverlay.READY)}))
Replace: u.trigger(c.startOverlay.READY)})),this.onStart()