Remove Submit button after Freeform tries

I have a Freeform True/False quiz using multiple selections where the learner gets 2 tries and then the correct answer is provided.

If the learner gets it all right or gets it wrong after 2 tries, I want to lock the quiz and make the Submit button go away just like the other Storyline quizzes.  Is this possible?  Doesn't seem to work that way with Freeform.

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ray laurencelle

Hi Christine,

what I wanted to know if there was an option to disable or hide the Submit button once the quiz has been taken so that you don't get feedback popups if clicked again.  Normally the quiz function would make you continue on to the next slide but in this case I'm using Freeform to provide the correct answer and/or keep the correct answer on the screen rather than automatically moving to the next slide. 

The learner can view the correct answer and move on when ready using next and previous buttons.

I ended up using a condition on the Submit button so that when a variable 'Done' is set to True the button won't work.

Thanks for your reply.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ray,

The condition was a good idea  - that was one of the things I considered suggesting. However, I don't believe there's a built-in way to hide the Submit button using the same method. This is why I suggested the custom button - it would give you more customization and you'd be able to control this a little more fluidly with triggers and/or conditions.