Remove the need to hit Enter to submit a input text data field?

I have created a software simulation and I want to remove the necessity to press Enter on the keyboard to submit a user entered text based answer. Is there a way storyline can recognise the answer without having to click or press enter to submit an answer?

I uploaded a 1min video on youtube to illustrate my dilema.

Many thanks for any and all information. This client is haunting my dreams..... 

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Hassan Altaf Qazi

Hey Darren!

The way i may suggest is to add a trigger....jump to slide(or whatever slide u want it to go)....when user presses a key.....define full stop "." as that key....ans select the object text entry.

U can add instructions to user to put full stop when they complete their answer at the slide.

I have added a file for ur reference.

Best of luck!

Darren Campbell

Hey Hassan,

Thank you for the suggestion, during the simulation I am asking the user to type out a formula in a microsoft Excel. Adding a full stop to further the simulation could lead to the users entering full stops when trying the formula for real outside of the simulation. Fussy client demands it functions like microsoft Excel itself. Such a tricky issue but it also seems like it should have such an easy solution. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Darren,

Thanks for the video to demonstrate the issue. You'll need to set up some type of trigger to allow Storyline to submit the interaction, and the enter key's behavior within a data entry field is detailed here.  If you don't want to use the enter Key - you could set the trigger based on the last key you know that they're going to enter - in this scenario it would be the close parenthesis )  key. Or if it were to function like Excel, I might use the down arrow key to get to the next field, or the right arrow key to move in that direction. So you can set the trigger for any key - but you'll just want to make sure that user's know if there is a particular one to use.