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Olivier Hanoun

Hi there,

Thanks Russel for your post.

Do you know by any chance the id of the "play/pause" button?

I'm desperately trying all names to hide it, but doesn't work.

Here's what I do to hide the "replay" button : I set that JS $('button.btn-reset').hide(); at the very beginning of my master slide.

Can't find a way to do the same with the play/pause one...



Olivier Hanoun

I've finally managed to find a way.

Digging in the CSS, I saw that by doing $('button').hide(), both replay and play/pause are hidden.

I still don't know how to only hide the play/pause button, but because I did not want any button to be displayed I'm happy with that solution.

If it can help anyone, that's cool.

One more thing then : does anyone know how to prevent the seekbar to be dragged by the user? I add that I want that on-demand, then most probably using a piece of JS.