Remove Title from Left Navigation Bar

Hi Heroes.  I am a newbie to Storyline.  I have created a course but cannot figure out how to make it so the Question 1, Question 2 screen titles do not display in the left nav bar for the assessment portion of the course.  I want the titles for the body of the lesson, but not in the assessment.  Thank you so much.  I'm guessing it is something simple that I am not seeing.

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Judy McDonough

Hi Patti:

I think I know what you're asking.  If you go into the player and then click "Menu", you'll see the list of the slides there.  If you don't want a slide (or slides) to display in the table of contents (the "menu"), then you can delete them from here.  The slides will still be available and will display properly, but they won't show up in the ToC. 

Hope this helps!