Remove visual click effects on the mouse

I found this:

about removing the visual click effect on the mouse.  The default is for SL to add the little red click box to the click of the mouse during a software sim.  I just recorded a big sim and my client doesn't like the little red click circles.  If I have to remove these individually, per the attached article, it'll take forever,   is there a way to either change the default before recording (going forward) or to remove all of the mouse visual effects in 1-3 clicks?


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi JP,

I'd also like to know how to do that: either globally make changes, or set up prior to recording.

I tried selecting all the slides in the Slide Pane on the left (in Slide view) and then deselecting the Show Click Effects box, but it only "took" on the slide that had been initially selected.

Hope someone weighs in to let us know if this is possible or if we should submit a feature request.