remove white around a colored graphic

I'm adding lots of graphics/icons into a Storyline 1 project and some of them will be placed onto a slide that is colored. The graphics (saved as jpg) have white that surrounds the colored graphic, so when I place in onto the colored slide it displays as a graphic inside a white box on a colored slide. Not what I want! How can I remove the white around the graphic so when I place it on the colored slide it does not display inside a white box? Is there somewhere to do this within Storyline without having to purchase additional software? I've explored Format Picture options but have not been able to figure it out! Any information appreciated and thanks in advance!


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Phil Mayor

The simple but not the best method is to set transparency colour using the recolour options in Storyline.  This will likely leave some elements that are antialiased.

If you can get the graphics as vectors you can export as a png without the background.  If not use something like photoshop (or gimp and to remove the background (loads of tutorials on the web) and then save as a png