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Janet Robertson

Hi again

I think what I need to do is to resize the story.html page? Is that correct? Can this be done?

A previous post by David Anderson ( http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/22634/124559.aspx#124559 ) demonstrates how to change the background of the .html page, but I'm not sure if something similar can be done to change the size of the page. Can anybody help? Thanks.

Janet Robertson

Hi Leslie

Thanks for your response. I have tried changing the story size but it doesn't seem to help. There is still lots of blank white space above and below the player with every size. It seems to increase the size quite a bit. For example, when I set the story size to 600 width it actually turns into over 1200 px . Very strange. Any other ideas avout what I'm missing or doing wrong? Here's a copy of the story.html source files (attached). Thanks. J.

Janet Robertson


Thanks for the suggestion, Josh. I tried locking the player, but it ended up minimizing the window. Bizarre. I think you are correct that it has something to do with the browser, though. I have been using Internet Explorer 9 and when I tried Firefox the white space disappeared. Unfortunately I can't expect that everyone will use the same browser. Other ideas? Thanks. J.