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Wendy Farmer

Hi Victoria

while the versions aren't backwards compatible if you created the file originally in SL2 - you may have a backup file that was created when you upgraded it to SL360.

If you had opened a Storyline 2 file in Storyline 360, the back up copy would have the word "-Backup" appended to the file title. 


Wendy Farmer

Hi Victoria

there is no 'save as an earlier' version in SL360.  

Storyline 360 uses a different file format than Storyline 2. When you open an SL2 course in SL360, it makes an "SL2 Backup" file and then creates a new file that can be read in SL360, just like it does in the transition from Storyline 1 to 2. So while SL360 can import SL2 files, SL2 cannot read SL360 files.

Sorry to hear about your troubles with SL360 - is it the specs of your computer or environment you are working in that is causing the crashing?


Victoria Sublette

Oh no!! Well, I could at least open it and try to save the text. Damn!

It was continuing to crash and I reported the crashes to Articulate Support and they wanted me to basically uninstall and reinstall everything and jump through a bunch of hoops and I just don't have the time to fix their program.

I didn't find 360 worth that kind of trouble. I am eagerly waiting SL3 instead.