Removing all "tab order" functionality for a project

I have this huge module with screen recordings and screen captures.  When previewing entire project, it crashes on and off. When publishing and viewing the entire project, it crashes and I get an exclamation mark.  Then I have to close everything.

I just discovered today that storyline 2 latest version creates tab order for all slides, for accessibility.  I think that the crashing is related to flash player and those "tab order".

Is there a way to deactivate this function? Is there a way to remove all tab orders from all slides in the project. All at once? Or remove all for a scene? Or do we have to get in slide by slide to remove this feature.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Matthew Bibby

Hi Marie-Pierre,

You can reset the tab order to it's default setting or delete the items from the tab order individually, but it won't solve your issue. 

I'm 99% sure the tab order is not responsible for the crashing that you are experiencing.

How many screen recordings do you have in your module and how big are they?You may find that hosting these videos elsewhere (e.g. youtube or vimeo) and embedding them in your module helps. Also, changing the quality settings in the publishing properties may also help.



Matthew Bibby

You can't disable the tab order, only reset it to it's default behaviour. But as I mentioned in my original post, I don't think the tab order is the problem. 

What do you mean by "When publishing and viewing the entire project, it crashes and I get an exclamation mark." Can you get a screenshot of this "exclamation mark" error? That may help us figure out what's causing the problem.

How powerful is your computer? How much RAM does it have? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marie-Pierre, 

Our team is aware of an issue in Storyline 2, where when you viewing the published content in the intended environment and are using Internet Explorer it may crash or you see the "grey circle of death" (yes that is a technical term) where the exclamation mark appears in the circle and it's due to a overload/memory issue. As you asked for, removing items from the tab order has helped a number of users with this issue or viewing it in another environment other than Internet Explorer. 

You can fix it by removing some objects from the tab order for each slide. Here's how.
By default, all objects are included in the tab order. We recommend removing objects from the tab order if they aren't crucial to the context of the slide (e.g., design elements). And if your learners aren't using accessibility screen readers, we also recommend removing images and videos from the tab order.
If your course continues to freeze after reducing the number of objects in the tab order, please let me know as we'll want to have you continue working with our Support team here.  
Even if you're seeing this in the preview, we'd still be happy to take a look at your file and you can upload it using the link I shared above.