Removing audio from "Submit" button on Quiz Questions

I'm not sure how, but somehow an audio file from one of the previous slides seems to be embedded in the quiz "submit" button.  The actual slide it came from was deleted, but the audio still remains.

For all quiz questions in the presentation, when you hit "submit" the audio file plays.

Any thoughts on how I can delete this?

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Sherry Watson

I've looked through both slide master and feedback master, and can't find any triggers on any of them except the "submit interaction".  There are no conditions embedded in them, and I have checked each "submit interaction" trigger, and don't see anything there either.  Thanks, though.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Sherry

can you share the file - maybe someone can spot something for you. Just use the grey 'add attachment' button to upload the file.

After thought - check in the states of the submit button - I saw someone had added an audio file to the state of a button a few weeks ago.